Monday, September 17, 2012

Race After 1977 IPA [iPhone/iPod/iPad Download]

Race After 1977 IPA [iPhone/iPod/iPad Download]

They nuked the world, you race the remains! Feel the devastation of a nuclear apocalypse and enjoy hours of fast-paced racing unrivalled on the iOS platform! Slide your vehicle around amazing dusty and icy wastelands, drive on dam walls, jump across ruined bridges and swerve on uneven grounds. What a leap from the industry-standard flat-surfaced routine that has plagued the mobile racing games for so long!
The custom proprietary game-engine developed by Xpect Games revolutionizes the way racing games are done on mobile platforms. Experience unique full 3D motion physics supporting active 4 wheel suspensions. A highly optimized graphics engine allows rendering of copious geometry amounts never seen before on a mobile platform.
● Race on 10 tracks across 5 different environments, all mirroring the devastation of a nuclear apocalypse in high detail.
● Amazing High-End graphics, detailed tracks and non-repeating textures make the desolate landscapes come alive as they race past you!
● Get behind the wheel of 9 different scrapped-together 70’s vehicles, each with its own set of physical properties that completely change the way they drive on the road!
● Compete against aggressive wasteland warriors. They will show you no mercy just as they don’t show it to each other!
● Use the environment to your advantage by driving on walls and jumping over obstacles. If you can’t get around it, go over it!
● Compete in multiple tournaments to unlock new vehicles and tracks.
● Collect up to 50 achievements and rise through 10 different player levels
● Share your best times and rankings with your friends on Game Center
● Choose one of several control methods and pick the one that best suits your driving preference
● Original soundtracks emulating authentic 70′s music evolved into a new level in the post-apocalyptic environment where electricity and electronics are scarce.

What’s New in version 1.3.0
* Enhanced graphics support for iPhone 4S and iPad2 devices! More detailed tracks, high resolution textures, high detail vehicles, higher particle density and Full-Scene-Anti-Alias.
* Manual acceleration and additional steering tweaks
* iOS 5.0 tested



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